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After receiving her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Koç University, she studied at the University of British Columbia in Canada for 6 months and returned to Turkey. She completed her master degree in the Department of Psychosocialoncology and Education in the University of Istanbul, Çapa Faculty of Medicine, and get title of Psychooncologist. Her second masterdegreee and doctoral degree diploma in Clinical Psychology is Walden University, Minneapolis, U.S.A. She graduated from the Department of Clinical Psychology and earned the title of Dr. Clinical Psychologist.  She is accepted as the psychologist of the European Federation of Psychologist’s Association (EFPA).
She has been getting training on cognitive therapy and get supervision from an licensed psychologist in U.S. In addition to talking therapy, she provides training and seminars for people who have cancer, relatives and experts working in this field in order to improve the progress of psychooncology in Turkey and to provide psychological support. She has completed her training and has been awarded the Grief Recovery Specialist/ Gried Recovery Counselor by The Grief Recovery Institute in the UK and in the USA. By grief recovery techniques, she helps people who needs to improve grief or bereavement after an event caused loss effect such as death, separation, displacement, divorce, loss of pets, loss of health, traumatic experiences, desire, material or spiritual loss.

Currently, as a clinical psychologist, psychoonologist, she performs research based psychotherapies on the basis of cognitive therapy. She is also a part-time faculty member in Işık University’s Clinical Psychology bachelor program as a psychooncology course lecturer. She continues to work with adults (aged 18-55) in individual and group psychotherapy, test anxiety, cancer psychoeducation and group therapy, psychoeducation groups specific to medical illness, psychological testing and intelligence test.

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